Our homes are meant to be our castles and a place of safety, but when we have a continual attack and infestation of birds and vermin this becomes detrimental to our health and wellbeing.

Bird excrement on the roof and guttering is not only a disgusting mess, it is also a health risk, their droppings can:-

  • Enter into your rain water tanks contaminating your drinking water
  • Decrease your power production on solar panels
  • Air-conditioning units can suck the dust through vents contaminating food & cooking surfaces in your home
  • Damages Iron roofing as the acidic properties can corrode and rust your roof
  • Interference with Television reception and accumulation of excrement under ariels

Bird excrement doesn’t just affect your home, this can also affect commercial buildings and businesses, such as factory assembly lines, food packaging, restaurants, medical practices etc.


Our high grade 304 stainless steel bird spike protection system is designed for every type of bird and vermin, this system is barely visible from the ground, yet it is a humane system as there is NO HARM to the birds.

Finally a product that works, eliminating birds from nesting and perching on window seals, solar panels, under eaves, gutters and much more, you name it we will protect it!

This amazing product will not only deter pigeons, it also deters starlings, seagulls, crows, magpies, sparrows, minor birds and also the smaller birds like swallows, spogggies etc. it will also deter those pesky possums!

Don’t put up with the health risk to your family anymore!

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