Can I Get Gutter Guard for My Tiled Roof?

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Is Gutter Guard Suitable for a Tiled Roof?

While roofing systems such as Colorbond, has become an increasingly popular choice for many Australian homeowners, a vast number of Australia’s existing dwellings have tiled roofs. So when it comes to finding an appropriate gutter protection solution, many homeowners feel that a Gutter Guard solution may only be suitable for modern roofing systems. However, this is simply not the case. At AquaGuard, we have 32 years’ experience installing Gutter Guard systems on all roofing types, including tiled roofs.

With the introduction of modern roofing systems such as Colourbond, a question we get asked all too often is if Gutter Guard is still suitable protection solution for tiled roofs. Luckily, we have developed a protection solution that is suitable for all roofing types!

How We Install Gutter Guard On Tiled Roofs

Individual roof types require specific installation techniques in order to benefit from all that Gutter Guard has to offer.

Our professional team have over 32 years’ experience, which has enabled us to create different installation methods for different roofing systems. The adaption of saddle and trim fittings to your tiled roof, allows us to provide you with a long-term, reliable Gutter Guard fixing that will provide your home with protection for many years.

Our five-step installation process is simple, quick and seamless! 

  •    Safety check and inspection
  •    Clean out
  •    Installation of our high-grade Gutter Guard product, tailored to your roofing requirements.
  •    Final quality check

Benefits of Installing a Gutter Guard system to your Adelaide home

How often do you dread having to climb to extreme heights just to clear out the debris from your roof? And with Adelaide’s unpredictable weather conditions, sometimes all it can take is one day of extreme winds, and your drainage system requires cleaning yet again.

Luckily for you, we have developed the perfect solution; Gutter Guard! Never again will you find yourself needing to climb unsteady ladders at unsafe heights to ensure your roof is clear.

Complete with a 15-year warranty and constructed from the highest quality aluminium in Australia, our Gutter Guard system creates a barrier between your roof and your gutters, while still allowing rainwater to flow through freely.

Gutter Guard will alleviate the worry of pests, flooding and leaf build up which can all lead to serious hazards if not attended to correctly.

Why Choose AquaGuard for Your Gutter Guard Solution?

With unprecedented experience in the industry, you can trust that a Gutter Guard solution from AquaGuard will provide you with the protection you’re looking for. Why hesitate? Join the 1000’s of other Australian homeowners and start benefiting from a Gutter Guard system today. Give the friendly team a call today!