Comparing Gutter Guard Vs. Alternatives

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With Autumn already here, trees and plants across Adelaide are quickly shedding their leaves. While the majority of our days have been accompanied by glorious sunshine, we have also been hit with some heavy rains. These two elements combined prove to encourage fast growth patterns amongst our flora. However, it also presents the potential issue of excessive leaves and debris clogging up your home’s gutters.

The importance of ensuring your gutters are successfully draining water into downpipes, and water tanks effectively is essential to your safety. Strong winds are more likely to pick up and carry leaves and debris on to your roof which places added pressure on your roofs drainage efficiency. This build-up can lead to detrimental damage to your gutters, walls and home foundation.

The best way to handle this is to either spend every second week clearing your gutters or invest in the installation of a Gutter Guard solution to prevent the build-up of any blockage. While there are various types of gutter guards on the market, we are here to tell you why an AquaGuard Gutter Guard solution is the clear choice against other alternatives!

Micro Mesh vs. Plastic Gutter Protectors

When it comes to investing in home improvement such as a gutter guard, you’ll want to ensure that what you’re spending your money on is going to get the job done and last you for many years.

When it comes to choosing between a micro mesh gutter guard solution, such as that provided by AquaGuard, or a plastic alternative we believe the choice is clear; micro mesh all the way! After all, plastic alternatives don’t even compare.

Unparalleled Durability

Made from the highest-quality Australian aluminium, a micro mesh gutter guard from AquaGuard will provide you with a protective solution. Not only are our Gutter Guard products all UV resistant, fire and rustproof, but they are also installed in such a way that ensures unmatched durability and a 15-year warranty ensures your gutters are protected for years. The micro mesh also ensures that even the smallest of debris won’t be able to pass through, while still allowing water to drain, resulting in clean, clear gutters all year round.

Cheap plastic alternatives are simply inferior, lacking durability and effectiveness in the long run. Australia’s harsh and unpredictable weather conditions cause the cheap plastic to warp, deteriorate and buckle under the sun’s rays. Additionally, plastic gutter guards tend to have larger holes which allow seeds to easily pass through holes and into gutters germinating and then growing back through the mesh.

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