How Does Gutter Guard Keep the Birds Out?

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Effective Gutter Guard Solution

With Australia’s capital cities and towns being exposed to around 30 common species of birds, it’s common for these feathery creatures and other unwanted pests residing and around our properties, in particular, our roofing systems.

Often, it’s hard to determine precisely what is causing that insistent scratching, chirping and scuffling sounds in your roof cavity. For all you know it could be birds, possums or rats nesting in your home’s roof.

Whatever it may be, it’s not good for you and your family. These birds and pests can carry a wide array of diseases that can then propagate into your home. Bird droppings alone carry around 60 different diseases, and there is every possibility that this could be passed onto your family. While a pest controller can rid these critters from invading your roof momentarily, they can’t prevent them from returning again and again.

In order to remove these unwanted boarders permanently, your best option is to invest in a gutter protection and bird proofing solution. Gutter Guard from AquaGuard, combines the two in a simple and durable protection solution. Here’s how:

How Gutter Guard Prevents Birds and other Unwanted Pests

At AquaGuard, we are the gutter protection specialists and are experts are supplying homeowners with a permanent preventative bird and pest solutions. Through the development of our Gutter Guard products, we can provide our customers with guaranteed protection against unwanted birds nesting and cause damage to your roof’s cavity.  

Our thorough installation approach and with 32 years of extensive industry knowledge, we will provide you will provide you with a Gutter Guard solution that leaves no chance of unexpected visitors residing in your home. Using only the highest quality aluminium, our professional technicians will create a barrier across the top of your gutters that ensures that rainwater can still flow freely, but ensures that most leaves, debris and feathery friends stay out.

Unmatched Attention to Detail

At the time of your Gutter Guard installation, our team of professional Gutter Guard technicians will ensure that a thorough and extensive inspection is completed. This ensures that no birds or large pests are present prior to installation.

We take this extra precaution because of the unmatched protection offered by a Gutter Guard product. Once the product is installed, there is no chance of any potentially present critters being able to escape, so we advise you complete a pest eradication before your gutter guard installation.

AquaGuard’s protection products are crafted from a finely woven mesh, meaning that even the smallest amount of debris and pests can’t penetrate its barriers. This results in a gutter protection system that is clean and clear and requires little to no maintenance on your behalf.

Call the Gutter Guard Professionals Today!

You can rest assured that a Gutter Guard solution from AquaGuard is developed from only the highest quality materials, providing you with a bird-proof and debris preventative gutter solution that will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Want to know more? Call the AquaGuard team today!