Re-roofing & Guttering – Add value and Improve The Appearance of Your Home

Here are some of the benefits AquaGuard can offer:

  • Decrease the cost of electricity bills due to more heat reflective roofing materials
  • Update the look of an older home with new roofing materials
  • Reduce (and sometimes preventing) huge repair and maintenance costs in the future
  • Australian made product designed for Australian conditions

Sometimes your roof is simply beyond needing to have some tiles replaced and getting a simple clean and coating. If you roof has seen better days then re-roofing is a great option that will add value to your home and ensure that your biggest asset, your home, is secure from the damage the elements can cause.

Repair bills if your damaged roof cause water to leak into the roof cavity can be very expensive, so making the decision to replace your roof before it reaches that stage will save you money and heartache.

Features of AquaGuard Re-Roofing

  • Choose from a variety of materials to suit your home and neighbourhood
  • Various colour choices so your new roof co-ordinates with the rest of your home
  • Thorough check of your roof structure so you can rest assured your roof is in great condition when we are finished
  • New sarking when necessary means additional protection and heat resistance.
  • Made for the Australian climate so it will withstand what Mother Nature throws at it.

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Use An Award-winning Gutter Guard Solution When You Re-roof Your Home

If you’re looking to re-roof your home, take advantage of adding in gutter guards to your gutters to ensure that you don’t have to ever:

  • Be concerned that your home isn’t storm or fire safe
  • Worry about birds or vermin getting into your gutters
  • Question the quality of your tank water

Our Process

Decide on materials for your new roof

Our team can help you with the decision making process and can provide you with advice about what is suitable, affordable and/or popular in your area

Removal of old roof

We will take away the old roofing materials so you don’t have to worry about it

Checking the structural integrity of the beams

We will recommend or undertake any work if necessary to ensure that your roof structure is sound

Install sarking over battens

This provides both additional protection from the elements and acts to block some of the heat that enters your home through the roof.

Installation of new roofing material

The material you have chosen will be fully installed including ridge caps and flashing where necessary

Clean new roof and site

We ensure no debris is left in your gutters, on your new roof or around the work site


Final inspection and customer sign off upon completion.