Heat Reflective Roof Coatings & Premium Surface Membranes

We stand behind our roof, both labour & material, for the longest periods of time in the market (12 Year Warranty)


As a homeowner or business owner you truly understand the meaning of ‘There’s no place like home’. Your home is a sanctuary where you and your family create invaluable memories to cherish for a lifetime. Therefore, when it comes to making home repairs & renovations, especially concerning the all-important roof, you don’t just trust anybody with the job; you want to guarantee you are putting your home in the hands of a residential roofing company that you can trust.


You’ve come to the right place. We have been working with roofs since 2004. Aquaguard started as a small, family owned business and blossomed into one of the most respected roofing companies in it’s markets, all while maintaining our commitment to quality of products & services. We are proud all all the work we have done.

So whats involved in a AquaGuard Shieldcoat Roof Restoration? The features of an AquaGuard roof restoration include:

  • We take care of everything for you – FREE Roof Inspection, measure & 30 Day FIXED PRICE OFFER
  • Our Shieldcoat ColourFast Roof Coating System is designed for Australian conditions so will keep your roof looking great & performing better for longer – and you get Australia’s only 6 Year NO FADE WARRANTY
  • Choice of Roof Coating colours to change the look of your home
  • Highlighting potential future issues so you can prepare for them, such as gutter corrosion
  • Fully trained Roofing Professionals with years of experience will be completing your job. No backyarders!!

Over time your roof will naturally age and deteriorate in condition. On tile roofs, cracks and breaks will occur & all roofs will lose their original coatings as a build up of dirt, grime, lichen and mould grow on the roof, lowing its performance & value. All of these things an further lead to bigger problems, like water leaking and repairs can end up being very costly.

A roof restoration with AquaGuard will ensure that your roof looks as good as new, performs as good as new and with our Annual Maintenance Program, keeps its condition over the long term.

Our Shieldcoat ColourFast Roof Coating Restoration Process is very thorough. We follow these steps to ensure our quality is consistent:

  1. Replace & repair breaks, cracks & other problems
  2. Replace roofing screws / tiles where needed
  3. Apply MouldSheild to prohibit any future organic growth on the roof surface
  4. Clean the roof surface with 4000 PSI water pressure to remove all deep dirt & grime
  5. Repoint the Roof with a flexible pointing & Rebed Ridgecaps where needed
  6. Rinse the Roof Surface with water
  7. Apply a Thick fill Primer coat onto the bear roof surface
  8. Apply the first RoofBond Membrane coating in your desired colour
  9. Apply the second RoofBond Membrane coating in you desired colour
  10. Apply the final top coat – a Clear NanoProtect top coat that extends the life expectancy of the RoofBond Membranes


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Replace broken or chipped tiles or replace corroded Iron Roof sheets

We carefully remove damaged tiles or Roofing sheets and replace them with new ones.

High pressure cleaning

To ensure our high quality roof coating can effectively adhere to your roof we thoroughly clean it using a high pressure hose (3500 to 4000 psi). This removes any build up of lichen and moss, dirt and grime.

Rebedding & Re-pointing of ridge caps

Old roof mortar is removed and your ridge caps are placed on new mortar using a level to ensure that your new ridge line is straight.

Application of coating

AquaGuard’s Shieldcoat ColourFast Roof Coatings are applied evenly over your roof and left to dry, including a MouldShield, Primer coat & 2 Coats of RoofBond Roofing Membranes & a NanoProtect clear top coat to extend the life of the RoofBond Membranes.

Final Inspection

Both you and an AquaGuard Representative will inspect the work to ensure you are satisfied with the result.