• We thank you for installing your product in our gutters. It has already proved its worth during some wet and boisterous weather. The consultant explained the process lucidly to us, and we felt that Mark carried out the work of installing the gutter guard efficiently. He was pleasant and thorough, and cleaned up everything after the two days, even restoring the cantilever clothes line. Our recommendation plus the sign at the front of our property should encourage others to arrange for installation of this product.

    James and Elizabeth St Georges, SA.
  • Thank you so much for the gutter guard you arranged to have installed along the back of our house. My husband was always trying to keep the leaves and twigs at bay but it wasn't always something he could keep up to especially when he wasn't well. We were really grateful to you and still find it a little hard to believe your generosity. We are making sure we tell people how good your product is and hope you gain from that. Once again our most sincere thanks.

    Lorna and Geoff White Hills, VIC.
  • We have recently had all our roof gutters on the house installed with your Gutter Guard product. We were very impressed with the punctuality, efficient manner of workmanship and the excellent job done on the installation of our Gutter Guard. He was very professional and you wouldn't even know that anyone had been here apart from the visual effect of the job done after our own inspection. We would like to pass on our congratulations to all involved and thank you most sincerely for a fantastic job well done. It was a pleasure to do business with your company and we have no hesitation in recommending your firm to others. No more climbing ladders to clean out the gutters! Yah!

    Maxine and Trevor Meadows, SA
  • Your installer, Cliff was polite and efficient and although the day was hot and the task bigger than anticipated, he continued until the work was completed and without taking any shortcuts. All gutters are connected to rainwater tanks, the water being used for one toilet system, the garden and for drinking, It's important to capture all water and the gutters not be obstructed. All gutters were clear with no leaves evident. Gutter Guard is doing a superb job and naturally saving me the time, effort and risk to injury to keep the gutters clear. I am very happy with your product, which I believe is superior to similar systems and would gladly recommend it to anyone. Thank you for your courteous attention to my requirements,

    Panorama SA
  • One has to ask oneself how much is one's life worth to risk life and limb climbing up ladders and being on the roof to clean our channels and gutters? There is also the cost to take into consideration if paying someone else to do it on a regular basis. When I spoke with an AquaGuard representative at the Royal Adelaide Show, she clearly explained to me the principle of the system and the way it would be installed. The product presentation was informative, concise and easily understood when a representative came out to give a quote. Sections of the guttering are difficult to access i.e. the Perspex covered lean-to front and back, especially the rear lean-to, but despite this, the gutter guard has been very neatly and professionally installed. I would recommend the installation of this product.

    Sandra Hawthorndene, SA.